Writing My Thoughts


Today isn’t like any other day. The possibility of Covid-19 looms, so I’m seeking my calm place.

Notice the picture I’ve uploaded for this. That’s one of my favorite benches in the Gardens I visit. There are 4 equally appealing benches I may share. Imagine the tranquility of closing one’s eyes, then listening while sitting on a garden bench.

These gardens are in a metropolitan area, the noises one can expect are going to happen, it’s the state of tranquility that surmounts those distractions. Seeing the sounds takes place, I am intimate with these gardens.

I return at every opportunity to restore and ground myself. The breezes playing myriad branches, stems, leaves and flowers. The site up into canopies seem wild, welcoming my imagination. I drift to trails, streams, lakes and forests. Long hikes testing stamina and awareness. The memories flow while I listen and glance up into a magnificent canopy.

Time for reflection.

I hope this short piece brings your memories.

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