Rape culture is offensive to me, This may trigger survivors, please be concerned for yourself.

Please, deep breathing may be necessary to finish this blog post.

I’ve been reading a lot these past couple of months, and recent weeks have been very active. I’ve been seeing sexual assault through new lenses, and working for myself, and now, toward healing and helping others. I didn’t know much about pushback until last night. I ran across FACE in my local (this past Sunday) newspaper. The sections included the actions concerning a Gustavus Adolphus campus rape allegation, and results (that link I found), this is the newspaper link: StarTribune Womyn’s Awareness Center pushback to campus Title IX actions.

It seems the early work in March of this year by Gustavus Adolphus students has led to a Sept 2nd, 2016 posting for a full-time Title IX staffer and I found it’s been going on around campus’ for some time Title IX jobs on campus’ around the U.S.

It’s “FACE” that caught my attention. Because, Sherry Warner-Seefeld and her FACEBOOK feed SAVE bothers me as much as FACE does. FACE was started by Sherry and two other mothers. She’s a mother whose son was accused of an on campus rape. The actions of FACE and their facebook feed SAVE are exacerbated by another group calling themselves COTWA or the Community of the Wrongly Accused

To those 3 entities, add:  a model for action at Help SAVE our Sons; suing the schools and or victims, maybe law enforcement, etc… but sue them they do. Sherry is one of three founders, and they got the aid of Judith Grossman as another founder. Sherry thinks Campus investigation methods are witch hunts, and denying due process, creating more victims . What? A big part of the problem she foments, is the [he said vs she said] paradigm. It foments denying the reports victims! In the case of Sherry’s son, they actually achieved an arrest warrant for her son’s victim! Wow?! So, in my opinion, she’s now a double+ victim, and her son is enabled to make the excuse: alcohol is a defense to rape!! That’s horrific! Their tactic, FACE, SAVE, COTWA and others, is to build doubt of the victim’s word,  repeated denial and fomenting doubt, until it becomes true to them (Sherry and her son), but horribly, it may then become true for others and lunatics. There are plenty of lunatics.

What lens do you dear reader, think the public, Title IX coordinators, administrators and others who work on these allegations could look through to make progress ensuring safety, integrity, avoid revictimization of the rape victim, and foment support for rape victims rights? We know the [he said vs she said] paradigm is flawed, and the first step is to draw the line where rape victim rights vs accused are in line with a just outcome. Which means the rapist must have a police report filed against them, and why wouldn’t a judge be involved. The police have obstructed justice for the victim too often, and even if I grudgingly respect where Sherry, Judith and others are coming from as mother’s standing up for their children, It’s reprehensible to disregard the rape culture they’re not addressing. The problem of campus rape and many other forms of sexual violence is epidemic. Their push back puts up an impediment for rape victim justice; It misleads and in my opinion is unworthy of the attention they’re getting.

I think the first step is to listen to the rape victim, acknowledge they’re heard, and listen some more. I think there’s a role for advocates here that is seemingly wholly ignored, especially by Administrations that are forced to follow overwhelming privacy restrictions. I’ve noticed that Administrations are looking through the lens of the Clery Act and like the Gustavus Adolphus incident, diminished the urgent need for on campus awareness almost 2 months. That does not seem to fit the rules of disclosure to the campus community in my book. It’s part of the culture and what these new Title IX coordinators must address going forward.

Gawd, I hope I don’t trigger anyone, but angst or becoming aware and called to action is a good thing. There are too many lives denied their hope of healing. The push back, is going to have push back!


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Thank you.

Obama derangement and obstruction: Media Complicit

Defining the direction of discussion has been a ploy of all political parties. What I have found for decades is the GOP machine defines their attacks with severe negativity. Their media and talking heads focus an extreme imbalance into an issue in order for their views to skew a political outcome.

Their performance during the Obama years has shown conclusively what derangement syndrome is. There is nothing this group and years past will not do to cause dissociative antagonism to anything Obama, and liberal or environmental. The media is complicit and advancing this conundrum, creating a vacuum of attention without much counter balance. The few times they’re taken to task, it’s by the Daily Show. How is it that a comedy show has the integrity of real news, where the media of dependence has little to none?

I will focus special attention upon Fox, but the online and radio outlets have vast audiences for skewing reality. Townhall.com and Newsmax are two online sources of such gross misinformation. They utilize a wide variety of their supposed informed, literary, and celebrity sources to sustain a point of view which can be and should be shown for its lack of fundamental accuracy.

I have read myriad articles of those sources and stopped after nearly 2 years, knowing I was making no headway to interact with anyone’s post. Total denial, absolute disparity of outlook, grasping wholly to death panels, birth records, illegal actions and the illogic of claiming our Commander in Chief is legitimate. Always denying any real outcome or claim to real focus upon fact. Such as knowing Bush’s last budget for ’08 actually is owned for ’09, as the House passes the next years budget. That year was an over $trillion deficit which the right lies repeatedly is owned by Obama.

There is no reasoning with the right, their agenda is to misrepresent, skew, obstruct and refocus attention to negativity concerning Obama. It’s beyond what any previous administration has endured, by more than 50% obstruction.

The fact is the Dems have the answers, if they can remain cohesive? There’s a lot of doubt about environmental and economic direction. I am not for KXL, nor weak bank regulation, nor weak EPA response. This is what we have, especially at many red-state levels. The media’s role to face their complicity is one factor that could be changed, but how to encourage it needs the media community to step up!

The failure to save the Ogallala Aquifer!


Trying to post to HuffPo Keystone article about the State Dept. Report! 2/1/2014 I wrote this:

The State Dept. report, if that tiny synopsis is correct, is not correct. The focus should not have been solely on global warming, but on potential spill consequences. The consequences are extensive for Nebraska, and many other regions  south were the aquifer have zones near the surface.



Study the aquifer to learn about the zones I refer to. People have to do research on their own to know the facts. Our U.S. State Department wan not apparently enlisted to take on the task.

This is not the whole picture, but on this one issue stands far more potential consequence than any other. What we do know is this is the aquifer that can save the central U.S. from a future akin to that facing California today. If we have the chance to save it for our nations future it is this issue to make clear! There is nothing more important than water to our survival.

The pipelines in the existing hubs of Nebraska and part south are old, and have not been used for heavy crude, nor the volume expected.


What isn’t stated in reports for we to discern the importance, is where existing pipes exist for the hook-up with the new keystone pipes, and whether they’re capable of operating at 100 times increased volume.

If you don’t find that alarming, you should go to W. Virginia and live in the heart of Freedom Industry lands.

No other issue is as dire as trying to stop what affects our water supply. From Keystone XL, Freedom Industries, Tesoro in N.D., Exxon in Nebraska, and every pending disaster, nothing is more important. The doom of our nation rests on having this water stay pure or ruined. So, are we so set on destruction we must do this, or can reality set in and real answers start.
First stop spending money on oil, divert it to renewable. Let’s get Gamesa going strong in NM and Texas. Let’s have the largest wind generation in the world. Spain and Germany are 1 and 2. Gamesa is the largest manufacturer of turbines in the world, and the money wasted to do this useless project, if diverted to real economic growth like wind, would create real jobs. There’s nothing worse than wasting resources and human capitol, land and a ruined environment.
So, let’s do as Gamesa has done, and utilize this growth industry where it makes the most sense. Which is in central, west New Mexico and far east Texas and regions of central Texas. It’s our future, it’s right and nothing is more conservative than creating income for the nation we so strongly want to succeed.!!

Conflate this!

I read this article today:


I read the first reason and agree so much, I need a post for it.
I went from a self-employed person. doing very well for myself, while my wife worked her full-time job. My job seemed to give a bit of freedom for needs we had which my being employed would not afford, as in time off, errands, social or school events, etc… I have worked other jobs for a decade which took far to much of my available time, and left me with too little to share with family and friends. That was retail mgmt.
I abhorred the job after one stint, and went back to sales in retail. It didn’t pay well, but seemed ok, until I discovered my talent for rehabbing bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, painting, doors, windows, and more. I didn’t like roofing or siding, a staple for many contractors. Those last two may have given me a chance to survive the 2008 crash.
I spent over 2 years looking for a job. Hundreds of resumes, lots of experience, I was in my late 40’s, had a degree, but was most recently self employed for over 8-10yrs. Depending on it being nearer to ’09 or ’10.

By ’10 I gave up my abhorrence for retail and tried again. I did get a job after a few months. I do like this one, and want to keep it. I do fear though. Fear is endemic around the store. No one wants to lose their job. All could.

The other two reasons are just as apropos. I’ve lived through the student debt increases brought by Reagan policy. I saw it very clearly when I changed institutions, from the U of M to Southern Illinois. S.I.U. was a leech, taking from its poorest students like myself, and forcing us into loans. The U of M kept increasing fees, and text books were disastrously expensive. Books changed too often, more to give the author income than to correct the needs of the students education.

I raked up way too much debt and the system set me up for disaster. Especially as I graduated during a recession, and no placement agency was willing to work for me without being paid? What kind of scam is that?! I started my job $1k in debt and it took over a year to pay that off. OVER A YEAR!

So, then, my daughters turn, I’m still paying hers too. Nearly $50k total?! How is it these kids qualify for so much, I thought our income would put limits on such deep debt, but apparently the banks didn’t see it as I did? My daughter has struggled for good employment too. The recession hitting smack into her, similarly as it did when I graduated. She’s doing pretty good now. But that debt, it’s just hell!!!

The third has been obvious to me since Reagan. The GOP is filled with the kind of people I find difficult to accept. The GOP lacks the strength of empathy. It lacks my sense of justice, my values for family, environment, people, and the world. It’s wholly against my standards for governments role, and so much more.

But, those few who shine; Like Warren, Murray, Franken, Ellison, Grayson and more…. I’ve written the words to explain my position against the GOP for going into nearly 2 decades now. I’ve protested and spoken them for over 33 years. I’m wholly against the GOP healthcare plan those 3 uninspired just offered, and I’m appalled they now want to make further cuts to food stamps.

The reforms will not come until big money is gone from our politics and the SCOTUS is mired in the mindset of wrong thinking. Corporations are NOT people!! They’re made up of people, They of themselves, as an entity, are NOT PEOPLE!! Don’t conflate it!! http://www.opensecrets.org/bigpicture/industries.php

Thanks; Center for Responsive Politics for the research for that links information.

The likes of Koch, Ailes, Adelson, Murdoch, and now this Perkins mouth piece have shown the lack of leadership the GOP truly exhibits. They’re parrots, tow the liners, band-wagoneers, etc… Nothing they do exhibits leadership, the GOP is narcissism, greed, selfish, mean and useless to the American People!!

Look at donors, GOP vs Dem: