If I could change the world


When less than 85 people own as much as the total bottom half the world’s wealth, there’s a problem. But, I want to be clear, I do know how they got it, and I do know what I want done to fix it.

These self-made, are not. That’s the first definition to refine.
Each and every one of these obtained wealth due to laws enacted to increase their wealth. That is what the link above is for. Read about the wealth distribution here


The corruption of power has caused this, and it must be reigned in. Cause and answer.

The 85 could actually change millions of lives, make the world a better place, instead of…

who am I kidding with that pie in the sky….

The wealth problem is power corruption. The power owns the means of force, you know, what that means. Force is the fear factor, what if elections create a wave of progressives, who will work to change payroll laws, health laws, retirement laws and anything else that has the label of negative connotation? A lot of what ifs and the fear factor is an unknown variable. First the GOP have to be stopped, locally is the best solution. But, the Dem’s can be dense too, so progressive Dem’s are desired. Like Franken, Murray, Warren, or Ellison, etc….


If we want to help people, they have to be educated. There is no way to understand the vast system we live in without it. The political structure, the power structure, the fear structure, the world’s richest have all conspired (most unknowingly) to eviscerate the systems of educating. My examples are here in the U.S.A. Where places like Texas manipulate text books to include skewed history, which must include idealized versions of laws enacted. Laws like the one to repeal Glass-Steagall, Citizens United, and anything that causes the rich to get richer by avoiding fair taxation.

Unless the rich are going to stop forcing everything to be done for profit, especially education, the world will not improve. People will continue to be led by misdirection and ignorance. There will still be reasons for bad systems to spawn horrible consequences as long as the uneducated, and under paid, continue to live that type of life.


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